An Overview of our Services

The outsourcing of business functions to SH Trust Ltd. gives you the freedom to concentrate on your core business and there are several ways you can achieve this with SH Trust Ltd.:


  • Interim staffing as an external professional competence in your company (Insourcing)
  • Spatial relocation of part or all of the accounts function (Outsourcing)
  • Flexible variants of the above


We can offer various service package combinations tailored to your needs at a fair price – modular, calculable and transparent.


We guarantee quality and price transparency regardless of which combination(s) you choose. You are also able to benefit from these additional advantages:

  • An individual service contract which clearly details our comprehensive services, quality standards and cost
  • A contract which is tailored completely to your needs
  • Your finance and accounting functions are overseen professionally
  • No training or recruiting costs
  • Our professional knowledge available whenever necessary


  • Choice of corporate structure and legal form of company
  • Choice of domicile/registered office
  • Advice and support setting up your company
  • Secretarial and administrative support in the development of your company (administration programme)

Accounting and Advice

  • Preparation of bookkeeping and financial statements
  • Payroll administration, financial and securities accounting
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable (including cash management and payment procedures)
  • Set-up, implementation and organisation of the finance function
  • Generation of interim and yearly reports
  • Preparation of budgets, financial plans and liquidity plan cash management
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Implementation of Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Support during negotiations with authorities and creditors

Interim Staffing

To help you cope with work peaks and manpower troughs we are able to provide qualified specialists in finance and accounting. Our specialist works at your company premises and is released from any other tasks for the duration of the secondment which may comprise either days, weeks or several months – whatever your needs or demands.


We can support you in secondments at all levels of:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Payroll and Human Resources

HR and Payroll Administration

  • Payroll processing and administration
  • Preparation of employee pay slips
  • Payroll calculations for – and administration of – expatriates
  • Advice regarding and preparation of accounts of employees with «Anobag» status (employees with employers not liable for contributions in Switzerland)
  • Collation of annual social security returns
  • Creation of personnel and expenses policies
  • Advice and support regarding social security products and services
  • Correspondence with insurance companies and authorities

VAT Advice

  • Preparation of periodic VAT returns
  • Expert review of VAT matters
  • Development of financial accounting guidelines
  • Optimisation of setting up and organising the VAT function

Tax Advice

  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals and legal entities
  • Review of tax assessments and invoices levied
  • Representation in evaluation and appeal proceedings
  • Tax advice regarding conversion, new companies, mergers and acquisitons, division of company, buying and selling of companies
  • Tax planning and optimisation

Business advice

  • Assessment of economic efficiency tests (actual status with catalogue of any necessary measures)
  • Incorporation of companies, conversions, mergers, liquidation and rehabilitation
  • Company evaluation
  • Advice regarding buying and selling of companies
  • Advice on company succession

SH Trust Ltd.   Europa-Strasse 18 | 8152 Glattbrugg | T +41 44 828 18 70 | F +41 44 828 18 80

SH Trust Ltd.  Europa-Strasse 18 | 8152 Glattbrugg
T +41 44 828 18 70 | F +41 44 828 18 80

SH Trust Ltd.  Europa-Strasse 18 | 8152 Glattbrugg
T +41 44 828 18 70 | F +41 44 828 18 80